British Idiom Owners Enjoying Success, Camaraderie

Fans of old-time television sitcoms might remember the memorable intro to the popular series “The Odd Couple.”

It asked whether “two divorced men can share an apartment without driving each other crazy?”

The answer, famously played out from 1970-75, was a resounding “no.”

In horse racing, there’s a different twist on that question that can be mentioned as another presentation of the Eclipse Awards approaches.
This one asks whether four men, highly successful in their professions, can own hundreds of horses together for a decade and remain the best of friends while putting aside their egos and thriving on several fronts as they navigate the turbulent ups and downs of horse racing?

The answer to that much longer query—if you’re talking about Michael Dubb, Mike Caruso, Stuart Grant, and Sol Kumin—is affirmative in every possible way.

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December 23, 2019